Forever Hooked

The coming of a new year brings such a strong longing inside; I can hardly breathe. Year after year, I
return to a place. It was only a few years ago that I had my first visit here, which I still remember as if
it were yesterday; there really is no place like it!
The boat sways gently on the water as seagulls circle above. Early morning sun shines down onto
the ocean water that looks calm enough – but water can be deceptive as I find out. “No boats are
operating today due to rough conditions out at sea!” So I opt for camping in a nearby inlet instead
for the night. As dusk approaches, I am woken by the screams from seagulls as they circle above
boats down in the harbour. I catch a glimpse of what looks like floats, which lie scattered across the
water. The dark of night seems to smother the remaining daylight. By morning, there were no sign
of the round floats that I had seen on the water last night.
No time to linger, I head on down to a boat that seagulls have already taken to circling above- water
seems a bit choppy. The crossing was so fast it sent ripples through the water. I step onto a jetty and
in no time at all, I retrieve my land-legs. I wander along the Cliffside, “fair bit of a drop”, I say quietly
to myself.
The neatly cut grass pathway led me down a detour onto the beach. I place my shoes and socks on a
rock; the sand is pleasantly warm under foot. I pause for a moment and then walk up to the water’s
edge and take a step into the water. “Listen” I say. “Nothing, just nothing!” I scan across the sea and
catch sight of seals as they poke their heads up from under the water. With a couple slaps on the
water, a seal raises its flipper as if to wave and say “Hello!” As I wander along the beach, I notice a
seal shadowing my every step. I gaze into the water and meet the eyes of the same seal who looks
straight at me. “Wow!” I stand and watch as another seal twists and turns under the water. I crouch
down and look across the water, just as I lock eyes with another curious seal. “Just amazing.” I step
back from the water’s edge, walk along the sand, and settle down against a rock. “Such a beautiful
day!” I say. The beach is so empty and silent, except for the crashing of the waves as they roll in and
trickle back into the sea. I get up, stretch my legs and come to a cliff edge where I pause and look
out across the sea. “So peaceful” I say. Four hares sit obliviously side-by-side meanwhile one can
make out the Island’s two resident donkeys coming down the hillside. The dark of night seems to be
slipping over the daylight. “What a beautiful evening!” I say to myself as I take it all in.
However, an unwelcome sound crashes into my world as the boat approaches and the silence is
broken. “Oh, that is only the boat coming to collect the day visitors”, I say to myself.
“Oh dear- that’s me!” I wander back and soon find myself on board the boat.
I cannot bring myself to look back, for behind me is a place I hold so dear. As I walk back up to my
car, my mind calls out “See you soon!”