Farewell lovely Bann to the Slaney

Trickling waters o’er rocky stone,
With trees there to shelter its flow.
With sands and pebbles to cushion its bed, ’twas a tranquil haven, of beauty and show.
Birds sweetly singing
And minnows there swimming,
And cows, their bellies they fill.
The Bann with its beauty,
Moves along smoothly,
Come Winter, Summer or Spring.
With the Autumn it glows,
As leaves start to flow,
No confetti, to a bride compliment.
Its bronzes and coppers
Fall like rose scented petals,
A virgin, upon its tender sweet banks.
And leaves here and there,
On its waters with care,
Float, like a boat in calm.
The Bann with its beauty,
Moves on, ever smoothly,
On a journey, it knows not where.
Its waters do hum,
While through arches. it comes,
Like a bride, to a groom, a display. As the trees gaze down stately,
On a hill, o’er the Slaney,
And the Bann, with its magic on show.
Now its waters disperse,
Like a child’s cord at birth,
Farewell, lovely Bann,
Into to the Slaney.