I had a dream last night that a tsunami hit Donabate.
From a height above the hill, looking far below.
I watched helpless and heart beating,
as the swell grew and took on a life of its own.
Beginning small, a murmur of motion.
Waves forming, pronounced and large, like a serpent below the sea.
Building in height, turquoise and ultramarine,
rushing forward with such a force.
No one to stop it.
Rooted to the spot I looked on anxiously.
Fear building in my chest and clutching at my throat with a tight grip.
As the waves grew greater still and approached the shore.
Boats rising and falling, heaving like my stomach.
Dread in the pit of my gut and bile rising,
as they disappeared below the surface.
With a swift, sharp suck.
Mesmerizingly silent, it seemed to happen in slow motion.
Yet, was over in a split second.
Ships, trawlers and small boats, like tiny toys,
dragged beneath the depths of the ocean.
As the waves carried on.
Gathering speed and hurtling on aggressively.
Devouring everything in sight.
From swans and reeds to bridges and sand dunes.
Rising now like a colossal mountain, a terrifying peak.
The enormity of the situation hitting me like a brick wall.
But still, I stood.
Rooted in shock.
No words reaching my voice.
No sounds escaping my mouth.
Frozen in fear.
The titan waves surged forward, hurling towards the village below.
People walking around, unaware of the danger,
continuing on with their day.
As with one fatal explosion the tsunami gushed forward,
covering entirety in one giant gulp.
Everything gone in one swift eruption.
I screamed out then, just once.
A long, hollow scream that raged through my whole body.
And shook me awake.
Shivering and sucking in the air quickly,
as I blinked open my eyes to the half-light.
The clock showing 6.15am.
I shake my head slowly and feel my heart still beating rapidly.
Pull apart the curtains eagerly, and peer down.
Through the darkness the sky is awakening.
A yellow strip of light streaks across the vastness.
Below the sea.
Peaceful and still.
A sliver of white moon illuminated,
in the inky blackness of the tranquil estuary.
The birds begin their dawn chorus,
a beautiful symphony of thrills and whistles.
The sea is calm.
The sea is calm.
My heart skips as I let out a fleeting sigh of relief.
Just a horrible nightmare I reason.
I fumble across the room and dress quickly.
Then make my way down to the train station.
To face another day.