The Tale of The Wise Old Owl

O Wise old Owl, the smartest one
You are smarter than- everyone!
That large brain book,
Intelligent in every look,
Is even larger than the sun!
That is what the Wise Old Owl sang to himself every morning. Until this one. He had just spotted the
juiciest mouse in the world. So, he picked him up and flew to his underground house. Yeah, I know what
you’re thinking. Why underground? Well, if you were the smartest in the world, treetop houses attract
too much attention! That is an example of his intelligence. So, the owl was just about to gobble up the
mouse and the mouse knew that he had to buy time. “Could I have my last request?”, he asked. The owl,
thinking about how important last requests are said “go on”. And the mouse said,” What is the most
important thing you know?”. The owl said,” Closing your eyes and visualizing things brings happiness”.
And the mouse sang:
I hear leaves swaying in the breeze,
I hear water in the stream……
“Stop!”, shouted the owl. “Whatever is the matter?”, said the mouse. “ I hate water bodies”, said the
owl. The mouse wanted to give the owl some knowledge, so he said, ”There is a country. Name’s
Ireland. Ireland has loads of water bodies. In my early years I used to be a tour mouse myself”. And he
smiled. “ I know that smile”, the owl said. It hides no conspiracy, as that twinkle in your eye shows real
happiness. “All aboard the Wise Old Owl Airlines”. So they soared from England to Ireland. They soared
over the Irish Sea. “Where are we?”, the owl asked. And the mouse started to recite some of his poetry.

Now here is the Emerald Isle, Ireland!
Where everything is :just grand!
But oh no, oh God,
I almost forgot,
The Tale of the Wise Old Owl & the Tour Mouse
How bad the weather is on this island!
The mouse put on a tour mouse suit.” Bravo, bravo!”, shouted the owl.” Con mucho gusto”,
said the mouse

For your information, con mucho gusto means with pleasure. This is a Spanish
“OK, I will give you the directions to the River Shannon”, said the mouse. So, the flew and flew
and when they reached the River Shannon the tour mouse said:
Now we are looking at the Shannon,
We’re looking at it from Atha Luain,
Athlone in English,
And according to a myth,
It was named after an Irish woman called Sionann!
“She was washed up in the river”, the owl said. “A sad story”. Just then he flew around to see the
view & he crashed into a pole! Fortunately, there was a man on a boat, willing to help. His name was
Jayden. Jayden had a friend by the river 2 kilometres down the river. “We can go by boat”, Jayden said
to the frightened tour mouse. When the group reached Jayden’s friend’s clinic, Jayden’s friend said,
“He’ll be fine. If I attach this wing with this, he will be able to fly for a few days. If it hadn’t been for the
Shannon & Jayden you would’ve had a hard time”. Outside the clinic, the owl said to the mouse,” You
have shown me a wonderful experience. But we should be getting home”. He was indicating his wing.
“All aboard the Wise Old Owl Airlines!”, he shouted. When they reached home, everyone in the woods
had gathered around & it looked as if some important party was taking place. Then, the tired owl
remembered that it was his birthday.” I have an important announcement here”, the owl said. This year
we will celebrate my birthday by the stream as it is so beautiful!” The owl’s wife said,” Something
must’ve got into him after that crash”.
I am your brother’s friend,
But you stopped me at a dead end!
Your wing was damaged,
And we all shivered,
But now, look at your present!
The Tale of the Wise Old Owl & the Tour Mouse
It was a robotic wing!
And this was the tale about how the Wise Old Owl learnt about how important water bodies