The Story of Lough Graney

Many, many years ago in the Barony of Caher there existed an amazing well that
sprang from deep within the earth. It was known throughout the Slieve Aughtys for
the purity and clarity of its water, the cool, sweetness of its taste and its ability to
quench any thirst at any itme. The people of the area considered it a magic, life
giving well and as they believed that life came from the sun they called it Tobar
Gréine. To honour and preserve its properites the local Chietfain engaged a master
stone-mason to build a ifittng surround for it. This he did and it served the people
well for many years.
This same Chietfain, atfer siring many strong sons, became father to a beauitful
daughter. This child brought him great delight and as she was as precious to his as
the life enhancing water he named her Gráinne. She grew to be as good hearted as she
was beauitful and was well loved by all who knew her. She was a gallant, industrious
girl and as was the custom in those itmes did her fair share of the daily chores
alongside the women of the fort.
One morning Gráinne went to draw water from the well. The clear water sparkled in
the sunlight and enchanted she leaned over to watch the jewelled lights shimmer
and twinkle on the crystal clear surface. Engrossed in what she was seeing Gráinne
reached further in but alas it was too far and she fell deep into its cool depts..
The hue and cry brought her father running. When he heard the news he gave a
great cry, grabbed his axe and with one mighty swing breached the well wall. The
water gushed up, rushed out the opening and spread over the plain. Such was its
force that it carried the poor drowned girl with it and away. Over the land as it
spread out to form a large lake. Onwards unitl it narrowed into a river, sitll onwards
unitl the girl’s body became entangled in the over-hanging trees of the forest.
The Chietfain tracked his daughter, calling out her name again and again. Naming as
he did so Lough Graney, the river Graney which lfows out of it and Derrygraney the
forest where her body was found. The heart broken father laid his daughter to rest
in Tuamgraney. And ensured her name would live for ever in the story of the
watercourses named for her.
May 2020