The Lake

My memory of my summer holidays in France
Puivert lake is in France. I go there every year. When I see Puivert lake, I see a huge lake, lots of
trees behind it, I see gliders going around in the sky – and sometimes a plane pulling the glider. I also
see the cafe – where I get ice cream every day and I see the cafe where we buy chips and a drink. I
like this place because I love to go swimming with my family – I sometimes practice my front stroke
and I normally play games in the water with my sister and we sometimes just splash in the water.
The water feels cold, wet and a bit sandy. I stay in the shallow part because I feel safe there. I get out
of the water if I get a bit cold, or if I want to get an ice cream from the cafe.
So I run across the sand that feels sometimes soft and sometimes sharp- because of the shells and
stones, and it fells hot under my feet. My sister and I run to get an ice cream. My sister orders the
ice creams in French from the lady- it takes me a while to make up my mind about what ice cream I
would like as they are all so tasty- my favourite ice cream is the 99.
My memory of the weather is the sunshine, sometimes a bit cloudy and usually it is very warm.
Because I am so hot in the car the first thing I want to do is cool off in the water. My favourite time
to go to Puivert Lake is on Wednesdays. On this day every week, they have an outdoor market where
you can buy lots of delicious foods. In one truck there are snails, and in another there is pizza- which
takes a long time to get, because everyone is queuing up to get one.
There are also trucks with chips and chicken, and another with ice cream and one with a huge flat
pan filled with paella. In the yellow paella there are mussels, rice, sausages, prawns, sauce and
chicken- I was amazed at the size of it and all the things that are in it. So we all order our food- I
normally choose chicken and chips- maybe wings or nuggets; my sister gets the same. On this
particular Wednesday- we get ready for the…. fireworks!!!!!!! We are getting our food just as it is
getting darker- I am really refreshed after my swims – and I feel very excited as the fireworks are
about to begin. But, it’s not dark enough yet, and it’s still very warm – the grass is very dry because it
hasn’t rained here for days. I would love to get back to the water.
I can see people at the other side of the lake getting the fireworks set up – I think the time is coming
close now. But as I hear everyone chatting about something. – I am starting to get a little bit worried.
Then I hear that the fireworks are cancelled because it hasn’t rained for days – it is very dry, and
people are worried that the fireworks might start a fire. I feel upset about the fireworks being
cancelled because I was really looking forward to this day. But when we got home I was so tired, I
went fast asleep on the couch and dreamt about the lovely time I had at my favourite water body.