The Estuary

Once there was a little elf living in the estuary. He was afraid to come out of the hole he lived in
because he was scared the swans would make fun of his pointy ears. The only time he left his hole
was at night to find food. Late one night when the elf was looking for food, he heard a hoarse
trumpet call. He recognised the call it was one of the swans. The elf started to panic, he stood still
and silent. He wanted to run away but was stiffened and couldn’t move. But suddenly he saw the
swan and he ran and ran and ran until he finally got back to his hole. He fell asleep and didn’t wake
up until 11:00am the next morning.
When he woke up he was hungry but he didn’t have any food because he hadn’t gotten any food
the night before. Then he heard the same call he had heard the night before. The swan was watching
him, the elf couldn’t understand her but the swan was putting her wing out. The little elf climbed
onto the swan’s wings. The swan swam over to where there were people throwing bread to the
swans. The swan picked up some bread up and gave it to the elf, the elf scarfed down the piece of
bread. The swan let the elf take all her bread.
When he was full the swan brought him to a little burrow. The burrow was full of food and no one
was in it. The swan was waving her head around trying to tell him that he could live there instead of
the hole. Somehow the elf understood what she was staying and jumped straight into the burrow.
The elf asked the swan to visit him every day so he wouldn’t get lonely. So if you ever see a swan
near a burrow, check and you might see the little elf.