The Enchanted River

Once a long time ago, there was a river that flowed down the mountain. This river was
special. It was special because it filled the air with an orange scent. But that wasn’t the only
reason it was special. All the animals that lived in the river were magical.
There was a town a few miles away and in the town there was a boy whose name was Tim.
One day, he went to the river. He spotted a strange fish. It was a strange fish because it was
Tim said; ‘What!?’
The fish answered him; ‘Please, keep your voice down!’
Tim was shocked. He fainted. When he woke up, he was in the water. He realised he could
breathe underwater.
He said; ‘This is amazing!’
The fish started talking again; ‘We must be at my house soon!’
So Tim followed the fish to his house. He stayed with the fish family for a while and at the
fish’s house, he played with the fish children. It was small for him, but fun. He went back to
his own house, but even when he was a grandpa, he never forgot about the enchanted river.