The Bridge over the river

According to myself, Im something of a poet on the side. More of the folk poetry tradition
more than the established kind, the local River Shannon has seen me cominsing a few
verses from time to time while passing its banks.
One verse in particular, which I wrote when quite young, in my teens, is apt for all waterways
not just the Shannon.
The Bridge O’er The River
Slowly you flow, unobstructed and free,
Slowly ou flow, on down to the sea,
Slowly you flow under this bridge and me…
And I stand alone, observing it all.
Quietly you flow on through the night,
Softly you glisten in the moon pale light
As onward you flow, bending out of sight…
And I stand alone, observing it all.
Pebbles idlely are tossed
By those whose minds it never crossed
To say a prayer for those who were lost
In thy waters far below.
For you, dear river, I know well
Have many a tragic tale to tell.
While not exactly Shakespeare, or even Burns,and quite possibly more McGonagle than I
might care to admit, the verse reflects on those who lost their lives in the river over the years.
There has been a wide variety of causes, the most tragic and common is suicide.
There was one “accidental drowning” as a child I will never forget. The other party in the
case had slipped back to Germany a week earlier than they were meant to which didn’t help
calm rumours, though it remains a “man overboard” accident officially.
Of course, part of growing up is impressing girls, yet sometimes we know the river but not
the current state its in, and it can be lower than it appears. A favourite trick of machismo was
diving off the bridge into the river where it was normally safe .A case appears to have had
that cause, it is believed locally.
Drink and merrymaking can be dangerous on boats as well as in cars. More than one
missed their step and ended up in the water. Everyone else in the same state menas no one
can help though they try.
Indeed, the river does have its tragic tales. Im not a great one for blessing myself when passing a church or a graveyard. However, I
always say a silent prayer when crossing a bridge when these cases come to mind.
I be extra careful when on my own boat, to not become such a tale of misfortune myself.