The Brave Fish

Shing was a Salmon who lived in the River Shannon. Shing loved adventures but he never went on one. One day she asked a question – Why Can I not go to Lough Ree ?? A big Monster lives there. “ Oh “ said Shing.
Shing went to the fisherman to hear what he thinks. The answer was the same “ No “. I will do it myself thought Sing. So off Shing went. As Sing went down under the late she sees two glaring eyes in a cave. Shing knew it was a Monster and swam as fast as she could.
Then the great beast swong his mighty black tail and made Shing stick in large black slime.
For years I have been chasing Plankton to the Salmon in the river. From then on all the Salmon were friends with him and they all lived happy ever after.