Norman’s And Beach Wheelchairs

My local waterbody is Morris castle beach in Kilmuckridge Gorey county Wexford.
Before you get to the actual beach there is a take away a beach shop and an ice cream shop named Lawlor’s, all run by the same people.
Morris castle is connected to Ballinoulart beach, and is about 22km Long.

Morris castle was once the site of a mediaeval Norman Castle and the ruin is visible from the roadway and is part of a national heritage site –
Kilmuckridge Tinnaberna Sandhills. This means that the Normans had a castle on my local beach, which they used to look out for the enemy
I found this cool because this means when I go to the beach I know that Norman’s were there!
The Normans had a pretty weird way of defending themselves, they would drop rocks, stones and boiling oil on attackers through a hole in the floor.
They would also fire missiles through holes in the walls at boats coming to attack on coast of Wexford
The boiling oil would make them slip, it would burn them and also might get in there eyes so they would close them.
And the rocks like you could guess would hurt! So they would take loads and throw them

Beach wheelchairs
As well as having the ruins of a Norman castle Morris castle beach is one of the first beaches to use a beach wheelchair! These wheelchairs are especially made for the beach, if you couldn’t tell by the name! These wheelchairs have three wheels and is longer than a regular wheelchair, the wheels are designed
to roll easily on sand and rougher surfaces. This is what it looks like!

These wheelchairs have three wheels instead of four, two big ones in the back and a smaller one in the centre front.
Some of these beach wheelchairs can go into the water and float! The wheels are usually white and the wheelchair is usually black or blue.
They have a handle on the back and a string on the front so you can pull it or push it!