Memories of a childhood spent in Connamara and the Caothann River. The River rises up in the mountains and flows down through the bogs to the Atlantic Ocean at Port Na Linba.
It is the boundary between the villages of Lettergesh and Mullaghgloss. Mullaghgloss was where I was born and raised in the 1950’s.
At that time most houses had no running water, out water for drinking and cooking came from a spring well. Barrels of rain water were collected in winter time.
Summer time was a problem especially for washing our clothes. Our family of six children and two adults needed a lot of clothes.
My mother came up with a plan. She got the Donkey ready, put on his baskets, loaded up the big pot and bath and gathered up all the washing and off we would go to the Cathann River.
First the fire was light a pot was put on full of water to boil, the bath filled with hot water and soap added.
We children made a dame and the clothes were rinced, washed and hung out on the bushes to dry. To us it was a great day out, but my poor mother must have been exhausted, although she never complained, just said it was a good days work.
Now and again a kind neighbour would give her a cup of tea. Lovely memories to have in later years and a song was made about the Caothann River.