Destiny on the Dark Silvery Shores of Lough Erne

Born under a blood red moon, hares fighting fist to fist on fallow field. A wheat coloured
sable. I am different to my sisters, gifted with their coats of ebony and dark shades of night
blue, but perhaps that is why I was chosen.
My first memories were cast in the shadow of flames licking the heavy air in the
grand hall. Each evening I sit by his side, his golden hand resting gently on my back. He is
quiet as he listens to messengers from across the shadowy underworld. I learn of the curse
placed upon his bother. Of spells cast by a secret old crone, far way in the west of the over
world, to bring her son home. Destiny is never a simple matter but time will return him.
As leaves unfurl and life returns, like warmth with the sun, a great excitement comes
upon the land, two princes are travelling through the kingdom. The King’s brother has
returned. There is great feasting and drinking. I hear the stories of their great quest. The
stranger, Conneda, through his unfailing loyalty and friendship, released the king’s brother
from his curse, restoring him to his human form, after they navigated the defences of our
shadowy realm together.
Later they sit with me around the fire. Conneda must return to the shores of his
own world or face exile. “Now you have released my brother from his obligation and
returned him to my side, it is time for me to help release you from yours Conneda,” the
king tells his new brother, “you will have the great and mighty dark steed, and as many
golden apples and all else as you require to lift this curse of yours.”
Mounting the great black horse and in the possession of three golden apples he
vows to return every year. The king lifting me in to his strong arms, holds me still while a
great silver collar and long silver chain are placed around my neck. Whispering in my ear he
tells me, “Now it is time for you to fulfil your destiny Saimer,” and then he places me in Conneda’s
arms, his huge warm hand stroking the back of my head. I am the last of what is
I close my eyes and in that moment we travel the great distance to the underworld
shores of Lough Erne. I open my eyes. I know we have reached the edge of my world, the
dark blue grey of the lake water shines above us. It is night now. As we move closer to the
edge of this new world we send ripples into the water before us. A myriad luminous
creatures take flight and light. I close my eyes again and the first rays of the morning are
caressing the lake’s shallows as we leave my world behind.
I am released to the stony shore. Bright light streaming through the trees catches my
eyes and my silver collar. I hear a scream. Seeing Conneda return and fulfil his obligation,
his step mother the queen throws herself from the walls of the great dun. Conneda kneels
down and pulling back the soil he buries the golden apples in the ground. Three crystal trees
grow before our eyes, filled with fruit sparkling in the morning sunlight.
All that was long ago. Today I lie on the shore, in the shade of the orchard keeping
watch over the lake. This world is my home now, my destiny. Come visit and you might find