By The Pond

I like relaxing by the pond. It feels like it has a shield from a hectic life.
The pond is a world of its own. It has a busy eco system, bustling with tadpoles, insects and plants.
Like our diving beetles, we have two types. Our first diving beetle is very small, black all over with a
shiny shell. And with pincers to catch its prey. Our second diving beetle is peach. It bobs up and
down in the daytime and has four legs. The long tail it has helps it swim really, really fast.
But as the hour hand sips though the day, I wonder, what is it like to be a tadpole playing in the
reeds or to be hiding under the lily pads. What would it be like to a diving beetle just swimming
around all day. Or to be a pond skater. Now that would be fun being able to walk on water.
But if we keep putting detergents in the water all of the those who drink or live in it will die. We
must be mindful of what we put in it. Water is a little bit like magic because it has memory. To tell if
water is healthy, you have to look at its crystal’s shape. If it is healthy it should look like a snowflake.
If it is polluted, then it will look out of symmetry or carry diseases.
We also have rudder dragonflies and lemon yellow buttercups surrounding our pond. The plants in
and around the pond are all different colours like our weeping willow tree. Our willow tree is like no
other, its twisty like the waves at the beach. Its trunk is a bit rugged its leaves are small, it’s a grassy
green. Our St John’s Wort is small with big leaves and blooms yellow flowers when it is coming up to
summer it is a very important medicine for anxiety.
Our mint is everywhere in and around the pond. Its leaves are green like coriander leaves and what
makes it really stand out is its red stem. Mint can grow very tall. Mint smells heavenly when you put
it though your fingers.
The pond also holds newts, leeches and bugs.
Even though it is small its bursting with life.
Best of all we made it and I love it.