An Underwater Friend

“If only the water could talk” Faith kicked her feet with the cool water of the Erne, her dress dancing on the winds. The crystal water was shimmering with the sun reflecting onto the surface which was slowly disappearing in the horizon. The trees that were surrounding her were tall and full of life and birds and songs. Faith looked at the sky. Out of nowhere came a falling star. Faith closed her eyes and made a wish: to have a friend. She hated having a silly and girly older sister. Once she will have a friend, she will have an adventure. She opened her eyes and gasped. There in the water was a girl. What was she doing there? A tail appeared. This wasn’t a person. It was a siren! And she was half beautiful, half ugly with grey hair on one and sunset orange on the other. And weird half clothes and tail too! Her face on the ugly part was covered in wrinkles and cute on the beautiful side. Faith opened her mouth to scream but the siren spoke. “Don’t scream. I’ll do you no harm. I promise. I just want to be friends.” Faith looked at her. Was it a trick? Was she gonna die the minute she was gonna trust her? “I’m Faith.” She didn’t care was she gonna do something to her. She needed a friend. “Nadine” The siren smiled. After a while of talking, Faith put her courage up and asked “So, why are you half … well different?” “Oh” said Nadine miserably. “I don’t really know. I just had it since I was small.” “Is there a cure?” Faith asked eagerly. “No” sighed Nadine. “Well there is.” Faith nodded. “What is it? The cure.” “It’s a four leafed clover which is said to be under water far from here. It takes four days and four nights. You have to go through a lot of places.” Nadine fiddled with her hair, the one on the beautiful side. “Then let’s go!” Faith got to her feet. “Where?” Nadine asked looking at her friend in a rather confused way. “Why to the place!” exclaimed Faith. A big argument started on whether they should or shouldn’t go. Of course they went. But not immediately. At midnight when it was safe for Faith to go, she went tripping over thorns on the way. There was her friend in the water nervously swimming in circles. “There!” cried Nadine. “I thought you’d never come. Faith laughed. “Of course I would come, silly. My clock just stopped ticking.” And with that they disappeared underwater. “Four days had passed and nothing” Faith was bored. She had been doing the same thing every day and nothing. Swim, eat, rest, ask are we closer, sleep again and repeat. “We are close!” exclaimed Nadine who was also exhausted by this long journey. “Look! Oh, look there! Just look at it!” And there in front of them on a small hill blooming with underwater flowers was the four leaved clover. Faith swam and grasped it in her hand. It was soft and as green as an emerald. She swam back to her friend who took it and without thinking ate it. “Oh my!” cheered Nadine taking a golden and amber mirror to look at herself. “It worked! It worked!” It was true. There was a once again beautiful face of Nadine. Nadine squealed and hugged her friend. “Thank you she whispered. “You’re welcome” Faith whispered. And with a splash of their tails they swam off, friends forever.